Magnolia x soulangeana rescue, a before and after
Published: 28/04/2018
I though I would post an experience of a Magnolia x soulangeana 'Rustica Rubra' that I rescued last Autumn.
I was called to look at a hedge that needed cutting back into shape initially but it was a very small task and therefore I had the time to talk with the client about the rest of the garden.
Whilst walking around the back garden I noticed a large tree of Ivy, as seen below.
Now obviously, I knew this wasn't likely to be an actual "Ivy tree". So I took a closer look.
To my astonishment, and the clients, underneath this facade was a barely existing Magnolia!
We promptly booked in a time for me visit and begin work removing the triffid-like Ivy from the tree.
It took 2 van loads and full day to achieve victory over the monster, but in the end it looked like this!

And this isn't the end of the tale!
Just a few days ago I received an email from the client which simply and sweetly read, "Thank You!".
Attached was this picture.
Isn't it great!
Magnolia x soulangeana (possibly 'Rustica Rubra') rescued from the brink and 6 month later putting on a show!
Beautiful. I live for this!