Planning for future water shortages
Published: 29/06/2018
It seems, once again, that we are headed into another draught-like spell. Rain seems to be but a memory now and the glorious dry, sunny days we had been longing for have become a week, then two weeks, a month, and now? Any chance of rain is as unlikely as a snowstorm for the next few weeks. 
More and more we are having to bring out the hose and the watering can in order to quench the thirst of our sad, water deprived plants. Fear of the dreaded “hosepipe ban” loom’s like a shadow threatening to turn our once luscious gardens in arid landscapes. 
We have been seeing this scenario ever more frequently over the last few years, warmer, wetter Winter’s and Spring’s followed by parching Summers, with most experts putting this down to the effect of climate change, meaning that this trend could continue for a long time yet. Therefore let’s consider a practical solution that can be implemented now to help us avoid being caught out next year. 
Harvesting rainwater. 
It goes without saying that rainwater is free and, for most of the year, in plentiful supply. Harvested rainwater is also nutrient rich, containing nitrates and organic matter which your plants will relish. 
Water butts are the go to for harvesting rainwater for your garden. Most of these hook up to your guttering via the downpipes, allowing rain that falls on your roof to make its way down the gutters and divert off into your Water butt. They can be positioned near your house, greenhouse, garage, shed or anywhere that has a gutter system and downpipe. Needless to say, the bigger the water butts you can get, the more water can be harvested and used during these dry spells. 
When should you start implementing this in your garden? Right now! If you get your rainwater harvesting system set up now, before we head into the Autumn, you will be able to take advantage of the wettest months of the year.