Planting Plans

I offer detailed planting plans, drawn to scale, digitally rendered and printed. These planting plans are specifically tailored to you and your garden, taking into consideration your likes and dislikes, as well as the needs and restrictions of your garden. The planting plans can be for a small bed or a large area. Please read on for more information.
In regards to Planting Plans, I cover the UK as a whole and not just the South West where I am based. Planting plans can be done via photographs to facilitate this.
These planting plans can be followed to the letter, or can be adapted if needed. Either way, the planting plans I produce will take the headache out of the planting process.
This service is not restricted by locality. The planting plans can be done via post or email if necessary.
I will recommend the number, and types of plants needed based on a factors such as, aspect of the garden, soil type, style of garden, and size of the garden.
The information above can be provided by yourself or gathered by myself upon visit to your garden and meeting with you.
Basic measurements of the beds and areas to be planted will need to be taken. If the you have scale plans of the garden this makes this process very swift and more accurate.
Once the relevant information has been aquired I will then put together the planting plan for you.
Initially a concept plan will be drawn up and it is useful to either meet again or liase via email to get your thoughts on the design.
Once approved the design is scanned, rendered digitally, colour added, plant names and quantities added and finally printed out.
Information sheets may also be provided to give further detail or instruction in regard to the plan. 
Pricing is tailored to the size of the garden or the bed to which the planting plan applies, and the approximate time to create the planting plan. Please contact me to discuss your requirements.
Sourcing the plants. I also offer to carry out the sourcing of the plants on your behalf, as this can be a difficulty for many. To make sure everything moves ahead smoothly I keep you up to date with invoices from suppliers, dispatch notices and delivery confirmations.
This service is charged at an hourly rate of £25.
Finally, when it comes to planting up you are under no obligation to require my service. However, if you would like me to take care of this for you I am more than happy to do so locally.
This service would also be charged at my hourly rate of £25.
James Green
James Green