Summer pruning your Wisteria
Published: 06/07/2018
As we enter July and Summer is reaching it's peak, the jobs in the garden seem to dry up a little. Or so it may seem.
One important job that comes in to focus in the garden is pruning some of your spring flowering shrubs, and Wisteria is one of these.
There are many methods for pruning Wisteria but I will just cover what I class as the main method. The Summer prune and trim.
After your Wisteria has finished delighting you with it's glorious display of jasmine-scented, purple flowers, you will no doubt notice the array of long tentacle-like shoots that protrude out from among the leaves as it reaches for the sun.
Looks untidy doesn't it?
Well, here's some simple maintenance tips to keep your Wisteria looking neat and bushy, whilst helping it prepare for next years display.
With a pair of sharp secateurs go around and prune back all the new whip-like shoots to about 2 inches. Once this is done grab your pair of sharp shears and lightly trim over the foliage, bringing it back into a neat form. Don't trim it hard, by which I mean cutting into old wood, but just as if you were trimming your Box (Buxus sempervivum) or Bay (Laurus Nobilis), aiming to create a nice bushy shape.
Finally, if your wisteria is growing around a pergola, an arch, or maybe as shown in the picture on the wall of a house, just prune back the Wisteria from around windows, doors, guttering, and the inside of archways and pergolas.
There you go! Of course, we both know that in a matter of weeks it will sprout again and be a little like it was before you read this article, but just repeat the process again and you will have a healthy, happy, and well prepared Wisteria going into next year.